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I acknowledge that a fingerprint-based record check will be conducted for all individuals seeking employment with the Florida Department of Corrections. The purpose of the records check is to conduct a search of any Florida and National criminal history records that may pertain to the applicant/employee. By submitting fingerprints, I am authorizing the dissemination of any state and national criminal history record that may pertain to me to the Florida Department of Corrections. The fingerprints submitted are retained by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The fingerprints will be retained with the agency until such time as employment separation occurs. In the event of subsequent arrests, FDLE and the FBI will notify the agency of a records hit based on those retained fingerprints.
If I believe that the criminal history record is incomplete or inaccurate, I may conduct a personal review as provided in s. 943.056, F.S., and Florida Administrative Code Rule 11C-8.001 by calling FDLE at (850) 410-7898. If I believe the national information is in error, I may contact the FBI at (304) 625-2000. I can receive any national criminal history record that may pertain to me directly from the FBI, pursuant to 28 CFR Sections 16.30-16.34. I have the right to a reasonable amount of time to obtain a determination as to the validity of my challenge before a final decision is made about my status as an employee.
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Education Intake Questionnaire

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