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The Down Payment Assistance (DPA) Engine

We noticed that many buyers exhaust a lot of time researching down payment programs. Many of the programs they pursue are not available in their desired communities, are incompatible with their financing and some reduce their buying power to the point that they are better off without the program.

What if we could create a program that would allow a prospect to enter specific information and then we could give them a list of available grants and low down payment programs that they actually qualify for?

We made this a reality.

  1. Our DPA Engine allows Mortgage-Ready prospects to generate a comprehensive list of available grants, down payment programs and no money down resources in their income bracket and desired areas
  2. Having all of the information in one place from a trusted source then provides borrowers with assurance that grants are compatible with loans
  3. Shows buying power with eligible programs to help identify the feasibility of various programs
  4. Directs the consumer to the correct counseling facility, so they obtain the certificates for the specific programs
  5. But most importantly, the DPA Engine Empowers buyers with knowledge and confidence to move forward with their purchases sooner than later.
DISCLAIMER: We offer this service as a courtesy. This is NOT an obligation nor a service that the realtors or prospects are purchasing. We have strict instructions and actions that prospects MUST complete in order to show their commitment to the tasks to merit the time, money and effort required from us to facilitate these service to assist them. Therefore, we reserve the right to unenroll ANY prospect at ANY time if we feel that (a) they are not commited to the process, (b) not commited to working with us as their lender, (c) not commited to buying a house or (d) too problematic or demanding  for us to service via a FREE courtesy platform. Prior to unenrollment, the LO/AE will be notified.

General Info

Prospect MUST be in Floify and MUST have a signed/esigned Credit Authorization in order to initiate Credit Boomerang. Please have prospect complete a Floify Shell application (just mandatory fields - name, address, dob, soc) in order to get esigned Credit Authorization.

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Statewide Resources

Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP Prev. CDA) - Baltimore City - Deferred Loans

Baltimore City Resources

Community Development Block Grant Programs (CDBG) - Baltimore City

Live Near Your Work (LNYW) - Baltimore City

Good Neighbor Next Door Programs - Baltimore City

Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP Prev. CDA) - Baltimore City - Deferred Loans

Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta Affordable Housing Program (FHLBA)

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