Start the First 48 Process

Order Escrow Fees and Trigger the Set Up Team to Start Disclosure Process

What is First 48?
It is our goal to make this process as fast, seamless and transparent as possible for all parties. This is the form you need to submit within 12 hours of getting a new contract. This STARS the First 48 protocol. To submit a file via this portal, you will need to upload:
1. the Ratified Sales Contract
2. a copy of the MLS listing card with taxes and general information (print as pdf if emailed)
Please be sure to put in accurate title information and REVIEW the form before submission.
Several third-party requests are made IMMEDIATELY upon submission, so REVIEW BEFORE SUBMISSION.
Once you submit this form, look for an immediate confirmation email with a file number. Save the email for your records. This system will automatially order the Pre-CD from title and start other internal processes. It is our goal to have initial loan disclosures prepared, esigned by all borrowers, updated documents collected, title ordered and appraisal(s) ordered within 2 business days (48 hours). If your request was submitted BEFORE 3pm EST, you should expect an email with your disclosures to be sent to you and the borrow via esign by 8PM. 
Please reinforce the First 48 protocol with your clients and realtors. A quick jump on getting the loan submitted is the start to meeting client's expectations and contract deadlines. 
** Please note that we will need permission from the client to release confidential information regarding the loan, application and assets. **

Title Company (See Buyer's Agent on Purchases)

Under RESPA, the client ALWAYS has a right to choose vendors. Please remember our select providers or we will suggest title providers on this transaction.

Questions for Buyer's Agent (generally not in contract)

Notice: If the Seller acquired the property within the last 12 months please expect that we MAY REQUIRE two (2) appraisals. In most cases, agents negotiate that the Seller incurs the cost of the $450 upfront appraisal fee. If needed please discuss with your client and seller.
Please check ALL that MAY apply to this property or transaction:

Property & Transaction Information

Note Regarding Property Type:  If there is a condo/hoa fee on the listing card, disclosed by agent or suspected, we recommend you select PUD or condo to begin the dialogue/research for HOA early. Late discovery can cause delays. On a refinance you MUST get a payment coupon and/or condo/HOA contact information.
Note Regarding Condo/HOA Approval,Resale/Refi Packages: With condos and homes in HOA communities, virtually ALL loans will require a RECENT (within 60 days)  Reseller/refi Package (all important legal/financial docs for the community) prior to underwriting. This will sometimes be provided by sellers, but often not stipulated and expected for buyers to obtain. Most communities use third-party doument services that charge upfront for the necessary documents. If all parties want the lender to retrieve these docs, the processor will need to get the borrower's credit card to purchase these docs upfront. The resale packages can range $200-$350, depending on the community. The refi packages may range from $75-$300. Please prepare the client for this upfront (POC) expense.

Loan Details (LQB)


Other Special Instructions

Items We Need From You to Get Started!

You are almost done. Now you can upload the items that we will need. Please avoide delays, by only uploading the necessary items.
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