** This feature is still in TESTING mode. Please Email Kwe upon new submissions. **
Credit Boomerang allows us to assist borrowers as they improve their credit profiles to obtain homeownership. When executed properly and set on course, WE will work with your prospects until they are MORTGAGE-READY and return them back to you and the REALTOR to originate.
This program uses a series of automations that REQUIRE accurate data entry. This means please check all emails, punctuation and capitalizations, because the data from these fields will echo to all subsequent corespondences to prospects AND realtors.
DISCLAIMER: We offer this service as a courtesy. This is NOT an obligation nor a service that the realtors or prospects are purchasing. We have strict instructions and actions that prospects MUST complete in order to show their commitment to the tasks to merit the time, money and effort required from us to facilitate these service to assist them. Therefore, we reserve the right to unenroll ANY prospect at ANY time if we feel that (a) they are not commited to the process, (b) not commited to working with us as their lender, (c) not commited to buying a house or (d) too problematic or demanding  for us to service via a FREE courtesy platform. Prior to unenrollment, the LO/AE will be notified.

General Info

Prospect MUST be in Floify and MUST have a signed/esigned Credit Authorization in order to initiate Credit Boomerang. Please have prospect complete a Floify Shell application (just mandatory fields - name, address, dob, soc) in order to get esigned Credit Authorization.

Borrower Info

Action Items

A. Required Seasoning
B. No Seasoning Required
G. Optional Actions

Action Plan