Internal - REALTOR Partner Set-Up

This portal is for AE's and LO's to have NEW agents set up with Loanzify Apps and Co-Branded Materials. Do NOT send this link/form to agents/realtors. If you are looking for the page to send to realtors, here is that link.

This form should only be completed AFTER you have met with a new agent and they have committed to try the program. Please note that we do NOT start the other marketing components until AFTER the agents have decided that they like working with us or have been using the tools for at least 45 days.
To complete the Agent Set Up Request, you will need the agent to provide you with following:
1. agent's contact information
2. agent's preferred home search URL (this may be different from the website - test it first)
3. photo
4. company/brokerage logo
5. agent's licensed states
6. any social media profiles they use for business (for the app)
You will need to create/provide the following BEFORE starting this request:
1. the URL for this Agent's Cobranded Floify Landing Page (you must create this) Watch Floify Tutorial
2. your iSoftpull URL (see your credential sheet) Watch iSoftpull Tutorial
** Please allow 48 hours for apps to be created and forwarded to you to preview and demo for the agent. **

Information Needed from REALTOR

** This is NOT a TEAM application. The app is intended for SINGLE agents. **
Please set up a separate app per agent.
This is the date that was (1) booked on your manager's Calendly and (2) confirmed with the client.
Please note that text fields MUST have the correct URL indicator. Ex. https:// or http://www. Please copy and past the URL into a browser to test it. Then copy it directly from the browser to addure the correct link.
If the agent does not have a personal resource to allow their clients to search for homes.
Do NOT use as a default. The agent ideally wants the data from the searches. This only comes through using his/her personal link. Input this link ONLY if agent has no idx search. If they have a website with MLS home search ability, DO NOT use the default link.
Licensed States? *

Information Needed from AE/LO

Your iSoftpull URL can be found on your password sheet. This is not the log in screen, but the consumer facing application. Each AE/LO has a unique URL. This will be the same for all of your agents. Watch iSoftpull Tutorial
The set up now requires that the AE/LO setup the REALTOR in his/her Floify BEFORE requesting a mobile app. Please use this video to guide you through this process. Copy the link and input the cobranded Floify link here. Be sure to test it first. Developers do not test links. Watch Floify Tutorial

Since we use the images across mobile and print platforms, file size and quality are essential. If fles are too large to submit, you will need to reduce the file BEFORE sending it to the setup team. You can reduce any image file as follows. The max recommended Width is 300 pixels. The developers can crop properly proportioned images to fit, but they cannot resize. Here is the resize link:

What Happens Next
1. Your request will be added to the developers queue.
2. The agent will automatically be sent a welcome email with Kwe's contact info.
3. Please advance the ActiveCampaign REALTOR - Lead Status updated as the REALTOR progresses.