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2019 Digital Principal of the Year Application

Application due Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Digital Principal of the Year program honors three principals (any subset of grades 6–12) who exhibit bold and creative leadership in their drive to harness the potential of new technologies to further learning goals.
Criteria for the award are based on the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards for Administrators and the applications of those skills to further the Building Ranks framework for effective school leadership.
Winners will receive an expenses-paid (airfare, lodging, and registration) trip to the 2019 National Principals Conference in Boston, July 18–20. Winners will also be featured on the cover of Principal Leadership magazine.

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Completed applications are due Tuesday, April 30, 2019.
Before starting your application, please have the following items available to upload:
1. A professional biography
2. A high-resolution headshot (at least 300 dpi)
3. An essay on each of the following questions (max. 500 words each):

Essay 1. Explain how you implement, promote and monitor a shared technology-infused vision among your stakeholders.

Essay 2. Describe one digital innovation you led that had a significant impact on learning in your school; include the selection and implementation process. What data or metrics did you use to analyze and report results?

Essay 3. Provide one example of how you have integrated technology in your school environment to meet the individual diverse needs of each student. Explain how this example positively impacted student learning.

4. Letters of recommendation from your administrator, a teacher, a student, and a parent (one page each using a font no smaller than 11pt with one-inch margins). Please have each stakeholder answer the question below in their letter of recommendation.
Administrator Question: Give one example of how this principal models the effective use of digital tools and resources to lead a learner-centered environment and collaborative school community.
Teacher Question: Provide an example of how your principal has empowered teaching and learning through technology or digital resources.
Student Question: Share one example of how your principal has used technology to help you learn.
Parent Question: Give an example of how your principal uses technology to communicate important information about your school community.