NHS Outstanding Service Project Award Application

Application Deadline: November 1

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Application Procedures

The Outstanding Service Project awards program was created in 1994 to recognize NHS and NJHS chapters that make significant school or community service contributions at the local level. Applications are accepted between July 1–November 1. Up to Five NHS and up to five NJHS projects will be recognized each spring.

o Chapters must have been affiliated with the national office during the previous school year and must have current affiliation with the national office to be considered.

o Chapters may submit only one application. Multiple projects will not be considered.

o Projects must have taken place during the previous school year (between August 1–June 30) and must be complete at the time of application. 

o Projects that have previously won an Outstanding Service Project award are not eligible for consideration.

Important: This award is not an individual student project award. This application should be submitted by the adviser on record, on behalf of the chapter. Only submit projects conducted by the chapter, and not individual student service projects. 

o Following the completion of this application, a description of the project must be uploaded to the NHS National Student Project Database.

Each project submitted for this award must support the ideals of Global Citizenship*, the national initiative created by the NASSP Student Leadership Advisory Committee. This initiative includes five strands, and the project report must reflect on one of the strands.


*Global Citizenship is defined as a demonstrated awareness of, concern for, and involvement in the well-being and success of others beyond one’s immediate community, extending into the nation and the world. 


Equity — Projects that engage or improve relations with varied and underserved populations (e.g., Special Olympics, No Name-Calling Week, Best Buddies) 

Civic Engagement — Projects that raise awareness of, or engage in, civic-based activities (e.g., mock elections, voter registration drives, Mayor for a Day) 

Positive Social Change — Projects that raise awareness of, or engage others in, activities addressing identified social issues in the school and community (e.g., drunk driving awareness, Random Acts of Kindness Week, cultural fairs) 

Empathetic Actions and Wellness — Projects that assist people in need and/or crisis or that improve the environment (e.g., clothing/food drives, care packages for veterans, homeless outreach, donations or drives for children’s hospitals) 

Awareness/Perspectives — Projects that raise awareness and perspectives of, or promote meaningful dialogue on, identified school and community issues (e.g., anti-bullying/smoking/drugs, blood drives, pause before you post)

Project Report and Abstract

Advisers: Select a member (or members) of your chapter to write the project report and abstract. Because the quality and clarity of the report will also be considered, please select strong student writers. Limit the report to the equivalent of four typed pages. Upload the project report and abstract as documents below. 

Please address the following aspects of the project in the report:

Goals: List the specific goal(s) of the project, including how the project supported the ideals of Global Citizenship. Include in your application some reflection on one of the strands of Global Citizenship identified above.

Organization and implementation: Detail how the project was organized, including the development of the project and the duties of those involved, and highlight the involvement of NHS/NJHS members, nonmembers, and community members.

Evaluation: Describe how this program/effort best resembles a commitment to global citizenship. What are you most proud of, and how could others experience your same successes? What new understandings or experiences might members of your school or surrounding community have as a result of your program?100-word abstract: The abstract for each winning project will be posted on the NHS and NJHS websites when the Outstanding Service Project recipients are announced. 

You will be asked to upload one high-resolution photograph to serve as a representative image of your project.

Note: It is the responsibility of each school to submit only those images for which local permission has been obtained for all recognizable individuals in the photo. In addition, please provide a caption in which all recognizable individuals are identified. All application materials, including photographs, become the property of NASSP.