Nominee Directions

I am applying as a *
  1. Each state association may nominate one high school or middle level educator who meets the following criteria:
    • Be employed as a faculty/staff member in a school that holds current NatStuCo membership
    • Be the current student council adviser in his/her school

In states with separate middle level student council associations, the nominations must be from those associations. For states having no middle level student council associations or middle level membership in other state student council associations, NatStuCo member advisers may self-nominate or be nominated by their councils. Should more than one self-nomination be received, the NASSP Student Leadership Advisory Committee shall select the top nomination for the state to continue in the award judging.

  1. All nominees must compose a narrative response to a prompt (Section VI) as part of the application process
  2. Current members of the NASSP Student Leadership Advisory Committee are not eligible for nomination. Former Advisory Committee members are not eligible for two (2) years following the year-end date of their term.
  3. Current State Student Council Directors who are state nominees must have the application form verified by email by a designee of his/her choosing.
  4. State Nominees are not eligible to apply in consecutive years
  5. Region finalists are not eligible to apply for three years following the year of being named finalists.
  6. Previous National Winners are no longer eligible for award.

The submission deadline is December 1, 2018. (EXTENDED until Dec. 19)


Adult members of the NASSP Student Leadership Advisory Committee will select a finalist for each region from the state nominees. Nominees must attain an average score of 75 percent or higher to be declared a region finalist. Region finalists and a national winner will be introduced at the National Council Conference in June.


State Nominees receive a certificate, letter, and press release from NatStuCo. Plaques will be presented to the region finalists and national winner. The national winner will also be presented with a $500 cash award. Registration for the National Student Conference in June is complimentary to all the region finalists. It is the expectation of NatStuCo that all region finalists will attend the national conference.


  • Create a login and password for this application. It will be needed if more than one session will be used to complete the form.
  • Enter all requested nominee information and responses and review all responses carefully before submitting.
  • Keep the automated email confirming receipt of the entry for your records.


All nominees must compose a narrative response to a selected question. It is recommended that nominees compose and edit their responses and then copy/paste them into the narrative field. The narrative field of approximately 500 words has a preset limit that will not allow additional word entry.

[NEW] Because it is important for members to be engaged with NatStuCo, nominees must be members of or join the NatStuCo Online Community and have completed their community profile prior to submitting their Shull applications. A link to the community is provided in the NatStuCo Engagement section of this application. Nominees can join by visiting the community on the NatStuCo homepage.


A. Photo of Nominee
The online application requires nominees to upload a photo of themselves. Before starting the form, nominees should locate a digital photo in JPG, PNG or TIFF format that can be uploaded. Photo files should meet the following criteria:

  • Use a digital color photo that is at least 1,000 pixels on one side (e., 1024 x 600). Photos of this size usually have file sizes of at least 1 MB. 
  • If using a scanned photo, it should be scanned at 300 dpi into .jpg or .tiff format.

Nominee photos should be of portrait (studio or yearbook) styling and of high quality, high resolution, and clarity for use in print and online publications. All nominee photos will be shown during a general session. Region finalists will appear in the conference program, Advise magazine, and on the NatStuCo website.

B. Letters of Recommendation
Nominees are required to submit three letters of recommendation, which must be uploaded directly into the online form. Acceptable formats for the letters include Microsoft Word or PDF. Letters should be no longer than one page in length. Nominees must include one letter from each of the following:

  • Current school principal
  • Current student council president or president-designee (must be a student council member)
  • State student council director/director-designee or school district superintendent/district administrator-designee (for self-nominations only)

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