2024 World Fertilizer Conference Meeting Room Reservation

2024 World Fertilizer Conference
September 16-18, 2024
Marriott Marquis | Washington, DC

Meeting Rooms (Available to TFI Members Only)

To secure a meeting room for TFI's 2024 World Fertilizer Conference, each company is required to submit a meeting room form for each meeting room it’s requesting. 

To ensure all participants have a successful conference TFI has established policies and procedures for requesting and managing the meeting rooms. Meeting rooms are assigned by TFI based on the priority system policy that can be found here.

Meeting Room Reservations:

  1. Requests for meeting rooms must be directed to The Fertilizer Institute. The hotel cannot accept requests.
  2. All requested meeting rooms must be made using this online form. TFI will not honor meeting room requests if they are emailed to the conference team.
  3. Meeting rooms will only be assigned to registered and paid conference attendees.


  1. Individuals working in meeting rooms and/or attending affiliated meetings must be registered for the conference.

Meeting Room Fees

  1. Members can secure meeting rooms at the hotel's meeting room rental fee of $500 USD plus tax and service per room, per day.
  2. There will also be a flat rate booking fee from TFI of $300 USD.
  3. All food, beverage, audiovisual equipment, upgraded wi-fi, and any other fees are the responsibility of the company reserving the meeting room.
  4. The hotel will require a credit card number and/or deposit upon confirmation of meeting room.

Meeting Room Access and Scheduling

  1. Meeting room holders can access their meeting room starting at 6:00 am to 5:00 pm on the day the meeting room is reserved.


  1. Meeting room holders who request their locations be made public will have details posted on the Conference Mobile App, meter boards at each tower/lobby level, and the hotel reader boards. On the Meeting Room Request Form please provide the name of the company to be posted.


  1. Suites cancellation fees are dependent upon hotel cancellation policy. Please contact TFI to make any cancellations.
To come
TFI will assign meeting rooms based on date, time, and number of attendees.  
Credit card deposits are required to reserve a meeting room.
(Hotel will collect all payments)