Breast Sculpting THE LOOK I HAVE

Select an image set below to determine which procedures will be best for you. 
Consultation will be necessary to make sure the choice was accurate. Procedure also depends on what you like in regards to Implant size, shape, etc.
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Type 1
Great! You most likely do not need a lift, Augmentation Alone will provide you with a beautiful result.
Type 2
Great! You most likely do not need a lift, Augmentation Alone will provide you with a beautiful result.
Type 3
You may or may not need a lift. This depends of what size implant you will choose as well as breast implant position, etc.
Type 4
You most likely will need a lift. It would be either a Lolly Pop or a very Short Anchor. This will depend on the implant style and size you choose.
Type 5
To achieve the results you want, you will need a lift. Most often an Anchor incision will provide you with a sufficient lift.
Dr. Cruise usually removes extra tissue and puts implant in to give you the most aesthetically pleasing beautiful result. He also places them completely under the musble to give you the most predictable and long lasting result. Once tissues have given in and stretched it is important to have as much support on the imaplant as possible. 
The lenght of the breast fold incision will depend of the degree of sag and amount of breast tissue. 
Type 6
To achieve the best result possible most likely anchor lift will be your best option. The lenght of breast fold incision will depend on the amount of breast tissue and degree of sag. 
Your result will also be highly dependant on the implant you will use. Dr. Cruise typically prefers to remove as much of your breast tissue (to prevent it from sagging in the future) and place an implant under complete muscle coverage to provide the longest lasting and aesthetically pleasing result. 
With his technique you can have beautiful perky breasts regardless of where you start.
Type 7
Due to the breast sag and most likely large amount of tissue, it may take two surgeries to provide you with your desired look. 
If you opt for no implants, it would be just be one surgery. However, most patients opt for even a small implant as a second stage to give you more upper breast fullness. The choice is yours.
The lift that will address your breasts best would be either and Anchor Lift of a Free Nipple Graft. The visual incisions are practically the same between those two lifts, it is the techniqu that is different. 
As with any large surgery, the chance of needing some type of a revision are somewhat higher.