2018 World Fertilizer Conference

2018 World Fertilizer Conference
Westin St. Francis
San Francisco, CA

Please complete the form below if you are interested in renting a suite or a meeting
room. Requests for suites and meeting space should be addressed to The Fertilizer
Institute, not the hotel.
Important Information Regarding Your Suite Reservation

- The second bedroom to the suite sells for $300.

- Suite assignments by TFI are not made on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority is
given to members of the Institute. TFI also takes into account the number of attendees
that the requesting company has registered to attend past TFI events and the length of
time that a company has been making suite reservations at TFI conferences.

- While TFI cannot guarantee that a specific suite will be assigned, all TFI members who
make a reservation are guaranteed to receive a suite assignment as long as suites are

- N
on-members reserving a suite will be a charged with a $2,600 booking fee that is in
addition to the cost of the suite. Non-members reserving meeting space will be charged
a fee of $1600 in addition to the hotel cost of the meeting room.

Suites and meeting space will only be assigned to registered and paid conference
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