Undergraduate Chemistry Education for a Sustainable Future: Green and Sustainable Chemistry Module Development Application

Calling all undergraduate chemistry educators and curriculum developers!

We need you to help us create high-quality general and organic chemistry modules, grounded in green and sustainable chemistry principles, to prepare the next generation of chemists to tackle grand sustainability challenges! We are seeking your participation in module design, development, piloting (at your home institution) and assessment. Beginning in January 2021, module developers will work collaboratively with one another and the ACS Green Chemistry Institute (GCI) as a virtual community to discuss module design and development progress, pilot completed modules, and revise modules based on feedback from the pilots.

Module developers will receive $5,000 compensation for every two, multicomponent modules successfully completed, and authorship credit. The module topics and teams will be identified in future workshops. Educators can apply to participate individually or as a team.  Prior experience in teaching green and sustainable chemistry, life cycle or systems thinking are preferred, but as long as developers can fulfill the requirements specified in the rubric, a lack of prior experience will not automatically disqualify you from participation.

Module teams will consist of:

  • 2 chemistry educators for module development
  • 1 ACS GCI consultant
  • 1 assessment consultant with expertise in chemical education

We are seeking educators to develop a module that will:

  • Teach one or more chemistry concepts in the context of a sustainability challenge.
  • Develop students’ ability to:
    • Practice green and sustainable chemistry, as defined by the guidance document
    • Use authentic chemical data to:
      • Address interdisciplinary problems
      • Develop and refine the skills necessary to implement science and engineering practices
    • Practice systems thinking
  • Be adaptable for use in face-to-face, blended, and distance courses of all sizes (including large classes) within a variety of chemistry departments and institutions.

If you need more information before filling out the short application below, we encourage you to browse the guidance document (linked above) or contact the ACS GCI team with any questions (gci@acs.org).

Please list any publications or resources you have developed in green and sustainable chemistry and/or systems thinking. Click on the plus (+) sign to add publications/resources:
Please list any particular topical interests you have related to this project. Click on the plus (+) sign to add topics/areas of interest:
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