ODP Player Recommendation

Below you will find the electronic ODP Player Recommendation.  This form must be submitted before a player who has missed the open tryouts may be considered for a participation in the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program process.  This player may be invited for a tryout, though this does not guarantee a position beyond that tryout.  If this form is submitted before the open ODP tryouts it will be ignored.

By submitting this form, you are stating that you believe the player you're recommending is at the very least a Massachusetts ODP State Team level player and you strongly recommend that he/she be permitted to participate in the Olympic Development Program.  You are also stating that you understand that the player is subject to ODP Fees and Tryout Requirements.

This form must be filled out by someone who has recently coached the player in question.  Any recommendation filled out by a relative (parent, aunt/uncle, sibling) of the player will not be considerded, regardless of whether he or she has coached the player in the past.

You must provide us with an active email address, so that we may contact you for further information.
Position player is trying out for *
Did player try out for ODP this year? *