2017 State Cup Game Report

Reason For Caution: UB - Unsporting Behaviour DT - Dissent DR - Delays the restart of play PI - Persistent Infringement FRD - Fails to Respect Distance E - Enters Field Without Permission L - Deliberately Leaves Field Without Permission Reason for Ejection SFP - Serious Foul Play VC - Violent Conduct S - Spits DGH - Denies goal scoring opportunity by handling DGF - Denies goal scoring opportunity resulting in a free kick AL - Abusive language 2CT - Receives a second caution IB - Irresponsible Behavior
Fair Play Rating: Rate Each Team From 1-5 In Each Category (5 Being Outstanding) *
 1 Poor2 Fair3 Average4 Good5 Outstanding
Home Team: Cooperation of Players:
Home Team: Cooperation of Coaches
Home Team: Overall Game Conduct:
Visitors: Cooperation of Players:
Visitors: Cooperation of Coaches:
Visitors: Overall Game Conduct:
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