Important Notice - Please Read Before Applying

We are an exclusive international model & talent management Company, and we are the only crossover (major adult + major mainstream) talent management Company on Earth. We are the #1 talent Company in the business. We do not charge any fees to join, whatsoever.

This application is only to be completed by the applicant themself. Talent scouts, agents, friends, boyfriends, husbands, etc. are encouraged to recruit aspiring models as an independent talent scout, and then direct your model(s) to this page, but you may not submit this form on behalf of your referral(s). She must complete it herself. Any application found to have been completed by a third-party, other than the model applicant herself, will be DECLINED.

Your personal information is kept safe & secure, and (although 100% safe & legal) the work that our models do is always 100% discreet & anonymous (done under assumed stage names, etc.). Information transmitted to our Company via this form is done so using high-grade 256-bit SSL encryption and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm, the encryption standard adopted by the United States government, banks and other financial institutions. By inputting any information on this application, you are asserting your agreement to our website terms of use.

Sexy 18+ year-old applicants: We receive many applications every day. Please understand that management team will instantly decline any (and every) applicant that is not completely serious about becoming an adult model right now, regardless of age, race, experience, or appearance. If you are not 100% sure that you are ready to become an adult model, then we ask that you please hold off on applying until you have all of your "ducks in a row".

In summary, we will only consider applications from adults, age 18+, that:

- are completely serious about becoming adult models
- are able to upload nude photos during the online application process (now)

Thank you.

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Is the person named above the actual person that is physically completing this application, AND does she or he understand AND assert her or his agreement that she or he meets 100% of our Company’s prerequisites (in both letter and spirit) as described in the Important Notice above? *

Gender *

Gender (at birth) *

Geographic Location

Our Company is the ONLY of its kind that promotes its models on a major level for both adult & mainstream, but you MUST actually want to model naked on camera, in order to be considered.

It is NOT necessary to have sex on camera (do porn) to work with our Company or to become successful in the modern adult entertainment industry, although it is always an option.

The “big, quick & easy cash” that goes along with becoming a full-fledged pornstar (doing sex scenes with men) right off the bat is no secret to anyone. However, to be successful in that sector of the adult industry, you MUST actually want to begin working in it.

(It's OK if you do, and it's also OK if you don't.)


How serious are you...
about becoming a porn star?12345
about doing mainstream acting and/or modeling?12345
about making $$ from home via internet modeling?12345
about making money?12345

If Management Team likes your application and decides to move it forward, are you able to be physically present to meet with us in Southern California (SO-CAL) later TODAY?

Please Note (All Applicants Applying to do Adult Movies)
 Although we are the best at what we do 
(talent management & promotion of adult models), that is all that we do. Our Company is not a travel or immigration agency, and we cannot help with airfare, gas money, lodging, meals, international work visas, green cards, or other expenses that are the responsibility of the contract model applicant.

Out-of-town, out-of state & international model applicants should note that a 1-week or 1.5-week initial stay in Southern California (SO-CAL) is usually ideal, if you are accepted as our client and seeking work as a new porn star.


Whom do we thank for referring you to our Company? *

What is your sexual orientation? *
What is your sexual position (with another man)? *

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