OCTAE is offering states a year-long opportunity to receive in-depth and customized technical assistance (TA) in career pathways system development. We are seeking states willing to engage in intensive state-level TA and committed to meaningful career pathways system development.  Selected states will work with a dedicated coach and engage in a readiness assessment, regular coaching sessions, topical webinars, and peer mentoring. Application Forms must be submitted by 3:00 P.M. EST on June 10, 2016.

Criteria for Participation:

State leadership support, as evidenced by a letter from the state committing to state participation in this project;

  • Creation of a state career pathways team with state and local representatives from secondary and postsecondary Career and Technical Education (CTE), workforce development, economic development, business and industry, and human and social services;
  • Commitment of state team to participate in all required TA activities, such as site visits, coaching calls, and webinars; and
  • Commitment to create and execute a plan to move the career pathways system forward.

Key Terms:

Career Pathways

A combination of rigorous and high quality education, training, and other service that:

  • aligns with the skill needs of industries in the economy of the state or regional economy involved;
  • prepares an individual to be successful in any of a full range of secondary or postsecondary education options, including registered apprenticeships;
  • includes counseling to support an individual in achieving the individual’s education and career goals;
  • includes, as appropriate, education offered concurrently with and in the same context as workforce preparation activities and training for a specific occupation or occupational cluster;
  • organizes education, training, and other services to meet the particular needs of an individual in a manner that accelerates the educational and career advancement of the individual to the extent practicable;
  • enables an individual to attain a secondary school diploma or its recognized equivalent, and at least one recognized postsecondary credential; and
  • helps an individual enter or advance within a specific occupation or occupational cluster.[1]

 Career Pathways System

A series of connected education and training strategies and support services that enable individuals to secure industry-relevant certification, obtain employment within an occupational area, and advance to higher levels of future education and employment. [2]

Career pathways systems connect with and align public education and training systems to each other and to industry sectors and employers. These systems require long-term partnerships to achieve system-building opportunities, often leveraging short- and medium-term relationships.[2]


Six Key Elements of Career Pathways

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