150th Coast-to-Coast Performers Form

We are seeking talented collegiate performers for our 150th Coast-to-Coast Celebration Banquets, the concluding event of each weekend. If you are able to attend the evening Celebration Banquet for one of these cities, please complete this form and we may reach out. 
Long Beach, California: January 27, 2024
Napa Valley, California: February 10, 2024
Seattle, Washington: March 2, 2024
Denver, Colorado: April 6, 2024
Dallas, Texas: May 4, 2024
Columbus, Ohio: August 3, 2024
Toronto, Canada: September 7, 2024
Charlotte, North Carolina: September 14, 2024
Orlando, Florida: October 26, 2024
Syracuse, New York: November 9, 2024

If selected, performers will receive a complimentary ticket to the Celebration Banquet. If additional travel expenses are required, this will be arranged with the performer once the booking is confirmed.

What event(s) are you interested in performing at? *

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