Council Application
This is an application to become a member of Collaborative Gain. 

We are a values-based community started more than 20 years ago by ambitious yet humble product and GM leaders at then-young companies Amazon, Google, Travelocity, and others.
Not only were we the first to bring cross-council forums to non-CEOs, but we have become known for creating the deepest levels of trust and the most opportunity for real growth and development.
To achieve such a high quality experience, we keep the membership small and values-aligned.
So, while our members are diverse in many ways, they do strongly share the same values (humility, vulnerability, and customer focus) and the same growth mindset (willingness to ask for help, ambitious to learn and grow).
As a member, you'll have the opportunity to tap into the deep levels of trust from growth-minded peers who can help catapult you and your company. 
But before we can consider your membership, we need to find out if this would be a good fit for you and for us. 
Thus this application is part of the process of helping determine whether our community is right for you.
On a practical level, we have two levels of membership - before you start, please know which council you're eligible for (more info on each level here:
Which level of membership are you applying for?

Associate Council: Earlier-career (typically under 15 years) product leader.

Individual Contributor, first-time OR small team managers (1-3 direct reports)

Executive Council: High-performing product, GM, UX, Engineering, Marketing at Director level or above *
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