14th Cavalry Association
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The14th Cavalry Association a tax-exempt nonprofit 501 (c) (19) veteran's organization.  Donations made to the Association are tax deductible, however you should consult tax advice for your particular status.

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The Association’s current activities and future operations depend on both financial and human support.

 We solicit financial donations to support: Performance awards to Active Duty Troopers; Grants to squadrons for morale and welfare activities; Memorials to Troopers killed in action and their next of kin; and Aid to wounded Troopers. These come from our General and Squadron Funds. Others funds support the: Maintenance of the 14th Cavalry Regiment Memorial Monument; Construction of the National Armor and Cavalry Museum; and the Association through its Investment Fund.

 We also seek donations of time and talent. We encourage self-nominations for elective office and volunteering to serve on our Advisory Board or our committees.

Complete all items marked with an asterisk (*).  Enter "na" if not applicable.

                                    Financial Donation Opportunities

I will honor and support Active Duty and Veteran Troopers or support Association activities by donating: