14th Cavalry Association
Regimental Memorial Monument
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The 14th Cavalry Association is a tax-exempt nonprofit 501 (c) (19) veteran's organization.

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The Design and construction of the 14th Cavalry Regiment Memorial Monument will be unique and easily the most beautiful of all the monuments at Fort Benning.

To achieve the approved design,we are raising $95,000 from members and their families, former members of the regiment, friends and associates, and business entities having connections with the regiment.

The Donation Levels are:  Less than $500=General, $500-$999=Bronze, $1000-$2499=Silver, $2500-4999=Gold, $5000-$9999=Platinum, $10,000 and up=Elite.
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 Bronze through Elite level donors automatically receive a 4 " x 8" Memorial Brick and a miniature replica.  Additional bricks may be purchased below as a separate donation not counting toward the donor’s cumulative donor level.
Extra Mini-Brick Replicas (One comes free with Brick order) can ONLY be ordered with a brick order.
 Engraving Instructions: Print your personalized message in the spaces below exactly as you want your brick to appear. 4" x 8" Bricks are limited to three lines of 20 characters maximum. 8" x 8" Bricks Bricks are limited to sixl ines of 20 characters maximum including spaces and punctuation (commas, periods, slashes) count as characters.
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The 14th Cavalry Association is a nonprofit 501 (c) (19) Veterans Group.  Consult your tax advisor for questions on deducting donations.