Alumni Advisory Board of the Year

The Alumni Advisory Board of the Year is awarded to the top 10% of active alumni advisory boards. Applications will be scored and advisory boards will be ranked based on structure, communication efforts, and chapter engagement strategies by the International Awards Committee. Awards will be presented at the 2018 International Convention in Richmond, VA – Saturday, July 28th.

This award recognizes the advisory team that has demonstrated excellence in the fulfillment of the International Fraternity’s Model Advisory Board Profile, Role as recommended in the advisor manual, and the expectations contained in the Chapter Codes.


  • The advisory board is genuinely dedicated to the Fraternity’s Vision, Mission and Creed and is committed to meeting and exceeding the Fraternity’s policies and expectations.
  • The advisory board is composed of graduates with adequate separation from their student involvement; they are professional and community leaders; they are mature mentors for the chapter.
  • The advisors understand the importance of advising and mentoring, not managing or directing; they understand that failure and learning from mistakes is as important to the fraternity experience as is success and winning.
  • The advisors are accessible and have contact with their designated liaisons at least bi-weekly; they are willing to reach out and partner with the Fraternity’s Regional President and professional staff; representatives attend their chapter’s annual PIKE University Leadership Summit.


An Alumni Advisory Board consists of alumni members who can offer the following:

  • Their professional expertise and support to the undergraduate chapter
  • A commitment to monitoring the progress of the chapter
  • Counsel and advice to chapter leadership
  • Assistance in the areas of academics, leadership, undergraduate recruitment and financial management
  • Emphasis on the intangible aspects of fraternalism – Ritual, brotherhood, motivation, unity and caring for one another
  • Up-to-date progress on new ideas, tools and fraternal programs


“Meet with respective chapter officers on a regular basis. Maintain regular contact with the Chapter Advisor to relay important information. Meet with other members of the alumni advisory board on a regular basis.” [Code 8, Section 2]


The Alumni Advisory Board of the Year winner will receive the following:

  1. Alumni Advisory Board of the Year Plaque.
  2. Recognition at the 2018 International Convention.
  3. Listing in the Shield & Diamond magazine, and on the International Fraternity’s website.

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Advisory Board - Chapter Interaction

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Do members of the alumni advisory board attend chapter meetings on a monthly basis? *
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Advisory Board - Miscellaneous

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