Does your chapter need help recruiting advisors or organizing your current volunteers?

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What we can provide:

- Identify volunteer talent pool

- Organize face-to-face organizational meeting

- Assess the needs of the active chapter

- Help create a volunteer communication structure 

The most effective advisors are typically part of a team. The creation and maintenance of an alumni advisory board is beneficial for the chapter and alumni volunteers. For the chapter, it offers more perspectives and expertise than one alumnus could possibly provide. For alumni, it makes advising a much more manageable and enjoyable experience. Advisory board positions include advisors for operations (vice presidents), finances, recruitment, continuing and new member education, risk awareness, and others as needed. The time commitment to serve on an advisory board is minimal, but it is an essential aspect of a chapter’s success. 

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 Chapter President or Chapter Advisor will be contacted shortly after submission to discuss details of potential visit

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