The 2020-22 Supreme Council will appoint two undergraduate International Vice Presidents (IVPs) for the 2020-21 academic year. Each chapter is encouraged to nominate at least one member.
Applicants should:
  • Be an undergraduate through spring semester of 2021
  • Be an upperclassman by fall 2020
  • Have chapter leadership experience or experience in student government/other areas of leadership
Appointees should be able to attend four (4) Supreme Council meetings to be held during their term - usually over weekends - including the 2021 Academy in Memphis, Tennessee. Travel outside of these meetings is not required and expenses incurred for travel, lodging, and meals will be paid by the Fraternity.
Attendance at the 2021 Marvin & Nancy Dennis Chapter Executives Conference in Memphis, Tennessee, is recommended, but not required, for selection.
By submitting this application, the applicant is certifying that he has reviewed, signed, and upheld his Membership Contract, Chapter Statement of Position on Hazing, and Standards of the Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity, and he has no knowledge of hazing or related activities conducted by his chapter, any individuals within his chapter, or any other chapter since he has been affiliated with Pi Kappa Alpha.
Please complete the form below to apply as a candidate. Any questions or additional application materials may be sent directly to operations@pikes.org.
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Optional: Letters of recommendation may be submitted via email to operations@pikes.org or U.S. mail to:
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity
8347 West Range Cove
Memphis, TN 38125
Deadline for letters of recommendation: May 31, 2020