Health & Safety Visit Request

The PIKE Health & Safety team is now conducting year-round, in person visits to chapters seeking additional support in the key areas of health & safety:
       •  Crisis Response
       •  Hazing Prevention
       •  Accountability (Judicial Program, sanctioning, etc.)
       •  Alcohol & Other Drugs
       •  Mental Health
       •  Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
       •  Violence Prevention
These visits will fall under one of three distinct categories:
Comprehensive Visit - Recommended for chapters seeking assistance in developing a brand-new or extensively restructured health & safety/accountability program. Fraternity staff will conduct a full review of the chapter's current Health & Safety Program, help create a chapter-specific Health & Safety Committee structure, train the sitting chapter judicial board, and host a chapter-wide presentation on the fundamentals of PIKE Health & Safety.
Focused Visit - Recommended for chapters seeking assistance in two or more specific PIKE Health & Safety areas of focus. Meetings and trainings will be catered to the chapter's selected areas and specified needs/goals (please provide a detailed explanation for selected areas in the space provided below). In addition to reviewing the chapter's Health & Safety Program, staff will conduct individual meetings with applicable officers/chairmen and host a chapter-wide dialogue surrounding the identified areas.
Topic Visit - Recommended for chapters seeking intensive support in one key area of PIKE Health & Safety (please provide a detailed explanation for the selected area in the space provided below).
Please identify which health & safety visit type you wish to request for your chapter and complete the interest form below.
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Preferred Visit Dates
Please identify two separate time frames during which the chapter and all applicable officers are available for a visit.
NOTE: In an effort to secure dates that offer availability for both the chapter AND Fraternity staff, please make both selected time frames as broad as possible (i.e. if you can accomodate a visit at any point within a two-week period, set the start and end dates for those two weeks).
Keep in mind that health & safety visits tend to last between 2-3 days. Transportation and lodging accomodations are handled and covered by the Fraternity.