By submitting your information for inclusion in the WORK180 Gender Equity Index, you are taking the first step towards measuring, tracking, benchmarking and proving your organization's commitment to gender equity. To get started, click the "Next" button below.

What to expect:
The index has been designed in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for achieving Gender Equality by 2030. The form is broken down into seven sections. The first section will capture some basic information about you and your company so that we can follow up with you once we have calculated your results, and ensure you are indexed correctly. The other sections are based around the six core elements of the UN goal for gender equality, including: 

  • Women in leadership 
  • Inclusive recruitment 
  • Inclusive policies 
  • Promoting shared responsibility 
  • Equal pay for equal value of work 
  • Intersectional efforts
You'll be asked to provide information for up to five key indicators in each section and to identify a reporting period. Most of your responses will either be in the format of a %, a numeric response or a yes / no answer. Each indicator is scored and weighted according to how they contribute to gender equity, resulting in a total score out of 100.  While we would like to eventually benchmark the scores of all companies who participate, any company that does not provide explicit consent will only be indexed anonymously. For more information about our index, you can return to the WORK180 website.
How long will it take?
The form itself is simple to complete. If you have your information readily available, it can be completed within five minutes.

What if I can’t answer a question? 
Don’t worry, the index’s scoring methodology does not penalize companies by deducting points for indicators that are left blank. You’ll simply receive zero points for blank answers and a lower score until you are able to provide a response. Need help determining how to capture the necessary information? Our expert team members are happy to help — just get in touch

What will happen once I submit my company’s information?
Your score will be calculated and provided by one of our team members within two business days. As a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) expert, they will be able to advize you on how to amplify your current efforts towards gender equity. If your score is particularly high, they will also share ways in which you can promote, celebrate, and start to benefit from your company’s current efforts.

Remember: Your answers may not be perfect, but participating as honestly as possible will provide your company with the clear measurements it needs to track and prove its progress towards gender equity — and that’s what matters. 

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