To be eligible for a 2015 AMA Pro Racing Motocross License, applicants must be at least 16 years of age at the time of application and meet one of the following criteria: (Check applicable box) *
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I certify the racer named above has medical/health insurance coverage effective all dates of the series event(s) and that the information provided below is accurate. In the event said medical/health coverage is not applicable or effective, I certify and acknowledge I will be held solely responsible for all medical costs that may be incurred as a result of injuries sustained at the event. *





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IRS FORMS:  One of the following IRS forms must be submitted.  Purse earnings may be issued in the name of the rider or in the name of a company/business in lieu of the rider personally.  In order to issue payment to a company, the proper company/business name, address, account information and FEIN (federal employer identification number) must be submitted on the IRS form in lieu of that of the rider.

Riders earning $600 and more in annual purse earnings will receive a 1099-MISC tax form from MX Sports Pro Racing.

Click on the applicable link(s) below to download the applicable IRS form, save to your computer, complete, save again (if you cannot save as PDF save as XPS) and upload in the box provided below.

Form W-9 (For U.S. citizens, Resident Aliens and businesses)

Form 8233 (Exemption from withholding on compensation for Non-Resident Aliens) 

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In consideration of being granted a 2015 AMA Pro Racing Competition License by Daytona Motorsports Group, LLC, d/b/a/ AMA Pro Racing (“AMA Pro Racing”): 

  1. Drug and Alcohol Testing; Release:  I recognize the importance of maintaining the safety and integrity of professional motorcycle racing.  Accordingly, I agree to strictly comply with the “AMA Pro Racing 2015 Rulebook” and its Substance Abuse Policy (the “Policy”).  I understand that my agreement to comply with the Policy is an essential precondition to the issuance of a professional license and that I must abide by the Policy and submit to such testing procedures as may be conducted from time to time at the sole discretion of AMA Pro Racing or its assigns as a condition of continued licensure.  I further understand that any violation of the Policy, or failure or refusal to submit to testing and honestly participate in any testing procedure, will result in immediate disciplinary action in any AMA Pro Racing sanctioned professional or American Motorcyclist Association (“AMA”) sanctioned amateur events.  Finally, I hereby release, indemnify, defend and hold harmless AMA Pro Racing, the AMA, MX Sports Pro Racing Inc., their respective LLC members and/or investors, directors, trustees, officers, employees, agents, personnel as well as any consultants and any laboratories or testing facilities retained by AMA Pro Racing or its assigns for the purpose of conducting drug or alcohol tests in connection with the Policy, from any and all liability related in any way to any tests conducted in connection with the Policy or the disclosure of the results of any such tests. 
  1. Physical Examination:  I certify that I am in good health and suffer from no impairment, illness or injury which impairs in any way my ability to participate in motorcycle racing events. I agree to inform AMA Pro Racing of any medical condition, impairment, injury or illness which in any way casts a question on my ability to participate in a safe and competent manner.  I agree to immediately notify AMA Pro Racing of any change in my medical condition that could in any way affect my ability to participate in a safe and competent manner.  I also agree to comply with any request from AMA Pro Racing regarding evidence of medical condition.  I understand that AMA Pro Racing retains the right to prevent me from participating in sanctioned events pending examination(s) to determine my medical condition or my ability to participate in a safe and competent manner. 
  1. Crew Member:  A crew member is required to be a member in good standing of AMA Pro Racing or will join such association and pay applicable dues and any other required fees when registering as a Crew Member. I understand that a person registering as a Crew Member is subject to the AMA Pro Racing 2015 Rulebooks and is required to be 16 years of age or older. 
  1. Production, Recording, Promotion Rights and Restrictions and Related Matters:  I agree that all rights, property, ownership and interest in any broadcast, dissemination, display, and/or publication by audio, radio, television, electronic means, internet, storage device, filming, web posting, satellite, cable, the worldwide web, motion pictures, video (home or otherwise) production and/or recording, still photos and/or images, or by any other means or media whether now existing or to be developed (including the transcription, recording and/or storing of any broadcast and/or any or all of the foregoing) of any AMA Pro Racing sanctioned event (and/or portion thereof), the event (race venue) premises during an AMA Pro Racing event, and/or of any AMA Pro Racing activity or undertaking anywhere on or in the event premises (race track surface and run-off areas, pit lane and the pits, paddock, control tower, winner’s circle, garages, inspection areas, public and spectator areas and the like), and/or anything relating thereto, shall be the sole property of AMA Pro Racing, and may not be used in any way, direct or indirect, without the prior written permission of AMA Pro Racing. Any and all revenues, incomes, benefits, control and/or consideration from any broadcast, airing, transmission, display, recording and/or publication of the foregoing shall belong exclusively to AMA Pro Racing for its sole and unlimited use.  I hereby consent to the use of my images of and waive any intellectual property interests that I own that would in any way interfere with any broadcast of any AMA Pro Racing sanctioned event. 

I further agree that AMA Pro Racing and/or its assigns, on a non-exclusive basis, may use my name and pictures (including pictures of my racing equipment, if owned by me or entrusted to me and under my control, and pictures, images, and tapings taken at any sanctioned event) for any purpose and in any media including, but not limited to, television, internet, motion pictures and home video production. 

I also understand that AMA Pro Racing may, from time to time, engage a sports marketing firm, to, among other things, promote the image of AMA Pro Racing professional motorcycle racing, and I agree to cooperate with AMA Pro Racing and its sports marketing firm in such efforts. 

  1. Independent Contractor:  I hereby certify that I am not an agent or employee of AMA Pro Racing or AMA, and I assume all responsibility for all charges, premiums and taxes, if any, payable on any funds that I may receive as a result of my competitive activities, including without limitation social security taxes, unemployment insurance taxes, workers compensation insurance, income taxes and withholding taxes.  
  1. Waiver:  I acknowledge that motorcycle racing is a dangerous activity, the risks of which cannot be completely eliminated. I acknowledge that by participating in any AMA Pro Racing-sanctioned event, I am assuming the risk of property damage and serious injury up to and including death.  I acknowledge that I will have the opportunity to inspect and review any and all courses upon which AMA Pro Racing-sanctioned events shall be conducted, and will notify AMA Pro Racing officials of any conditions that I consider to be unsafe. My participation in events is voluntary, and I waive any and all claims for personal property damage, injury, or death against AMA Pro Racing, AMA, the track owner(s) or any of their respective LLC members and/or investors, directors, trustees, officers, employees, agents, personnel as well as any of their contractors and/or consultants. I certify that I have primary medical, permanent disability and life insurance coverage for injuries that may occur during AMA Pro Racing competition and official practices. 
  1. Acknowledgment and Representation:  I acknowledge and understand that it is my responsibility to properly maintain this license. I understand that my license is subject to the AMA Pro Racing 2015 Rulebooks. I represent that I am not contractually or otherwise prohibited from entering into any and all of the agreements set forth in Paragraphs 1 through 8 hereof, or from executing Releases, Waivers or Consents required for participation in AMA Pro Racing sanctioned events. 
  1. Credentials Policy:   If you require a replacement for a lost or misplaced season credential, one may be obtained by completing the required paperwork, signing the required releases and payment of the required fee, which is the current price of the season credential minus your AMA Pro Racing membership fee.

OR, you can sign a release form and purchase a single event credential at each event.

The replacement fee for a lost or misplaced Season Parking credential is $50.00.

We will replace at no charge any damaged season credential upon surrender of the damaged card to AMA Pro Racing either at registration or via mail to the home office.

If you require a replacement for a lost or misplaced event credential, one may be obtained by signing the required releases and full payment of the fee for an event credential at that event

I further acknowledge that this license/credential has been issued by AMA Pro Racing for the exclusive use by me. I agree to abide by and act in accordance with the AMA Pro Racing 2015 Rulebook as shall be amended from time to time hereafter, which serves as the official competition and conduct rules of AMA Pro Racing’s Championships and agree to abide by any amendments or supplemental rules. Transfer or misuse of this license/credential is cause for revocation.

I agree to the above terms and conditions and that all the information I entered is accurate to the best of my knowledge. *
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