Lose to Win 2023

Are you a Marcrom's Pharmacy Employee?
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Program Level

Level One - $90
  • Membership for all of 2023
  • Access to Facebook Group
  • Any meetups or challenges we MAY do
  • Access to monthly Zoom meetings
  • Access to previous Lose to Win educational videos with healthy lifestyle/weight loss tips, techniques, and other information
Level Two - $150
  • EVERYTHING in Level One
  • 2 Body image scans ($60 value)
  • 2 cholesterol checks ($60 value)
  • Free blood pressure checks ($25 value)
  • Saturday weigh ins (invaluable!)
Level Three - $239
  • EVERYTHING in Level One
  • EVERYTHING in Level Two
  • 2 one on one sessions with Joe to help create a plan for your journey
  • At home weigh-in option
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Which level are you enrolling in? *
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