As a bicyclist, I pledge to:

Model exemplary bicycling behavior by obeying all laws and traffic control devices that apply to bicyclists *
Use hand signals to indicate my turns. *
Ride predictably in the same direction as traffic. *
Ride in the furthest right lane that leads to my destination, looking for and yielding to other traffic when changing lanes. *
Avoid distractions while cycling, including cell phone use. *
Ride confidently and assertively but never assume that drivers will yield or see me. *
Use the lane position that best suits the road conditions, avoiding riding near the curb/gutter where I can be "squeezed" by other vehicles. *
Equip my bike with front and rear lights and required reflectors, and wear brightly colored reflective clothing when riding at night or in poor visibility *
Avoid riding on sidewalks, unless specifically directed to, as sidewalks can be dangerous places to ride for both the bicyclist and for pedestrians using the sidewalk. *
Never operate a bicycle while impaired by alcohol or any substance, legal or illegal *
Never ride more than two abreast and single up to let others pass when it is safe to do so. *
Share the road defensively. *
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