As a motor vehicle driver, I pledge to:

Recognize that bicyclists have the right to ride on the roadways and appreciate that in any interaction between a motorist and a bicyclist, the bicyclist usually loses. *
Leave at least 3 feet between a cyclist and my side mirror when passing, and to only return to the lane when I can clearly see the cyclist in my rearview mirrors *
Slow down when passing a person on a bicycle and wait to pass until it is safe to do so. *
Use signals to indicate my turns *
Treat bicyclists as any other vehicle on the road and yield appropriately at intersections and when merging. *
Check mirrors and blind spots to avoid "hooking" bicyclists by overtaking them and then immediately turning in front of them *
Recognize the risk of injury and fatality to bicyclists increases exponentially as my speed increases *
Never drive distracted, especially texting while driving *
Not drive while impaired by alcohol or other substances, legal or illegal. *
Recognize that bicyclists should not ride in the gutter or next to the curb and may need to use the full travel lane where the lane is too narrow to split, to avoid hazards, or to prepare for turns *
Understand that bike lanes or paths may not always be the safest option for bicyclists, and it is up to the person riding the bicycle to decide where it is safest to ride, including in the travel lanes. *
Look before I exit my parked car to avoid "dooring" bicyclists, potentially throwing them into traffic *
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