After School 2022-2023 Registration

Cost per Week: $95.00 ($85.00 sibling)
Yearly Supply Fee: $100
Afterschool pick up Monday-Friday including in service days and early release
Begins August 15th, 2022 and ends May 25th, 2023
We are closed for all Federal Holidays and follow KISD bad weather closures.
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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

I understand that fees are payable in advance of services. I understand that NO refunds will be given for any reason. Should I wish to withdraw my child from the program, I agree to pay any remaining fees and have a clear balance.

I understand that the hours of operation for afterschool students during regular school sessions are 3:00pm-6:00pm for pick-up. We will NOT be doing early morning drop-offs.  Children with appointments will not be able to be dropped off before 3:00pm.  After 6:00 PM, there will be an additional charge of $15.00 for every 10 minutes after.

I understand that any person who will be picking up or dropping off my child must be at least 16 years of age with a picture ID and must be on the approved student information form.

A missed/canceled session for or by the student is not reimbursed or credited. Make-up days for federal holidays and bad weather closures will be held on Friday, only on the same week that was missed.

If you do not make a payment and become past due, the student will be withdrawn from the afterschool program. The student will not be accepted to the program until the money is paid. If such situations happen more than once, then the student would not be accepted to the program anymore.  Payment for the non-refundable supply fee of $100.00 and the first week of Afterschool care is due by August 19, 2022. Subsiquent payments will need to be made by the Friday of each week, unless payments where made in advance or other arrangements have been made with management..  

Weekly rates will NOT be prorated for absences.

Please check the school calendar under KISD at for sessions falling on breaks and holidays. TTAS employees will pick up students on early release days and will be open on teacher training/in service days. We will be in camp sessions during breaks and closed on federal holidays.

ADMISSION Each student must be enrolled in the afterschool program by a parent or legal guardian approval. The fee must be paid before the enrollment for each month. The student will not be able to attend the program until the fee is paid. No money will be refunded in any case. Upon enrollment, the guardian shall hereby acknowledge our Release and Hold Agreement by waiving and releasing all rights and claims to damages against Tap Tap Art Studios and accept all risk incidental not held liable on the art studio or employees.

I understand that no child shall be excluded from our programs regardless of race, color, creed or national origin.

ATTENDANCE will be taken during the classes and activities. We would appreciate a notification from the parent or legal guardian at least two days prior to the date if there is a possibility of absence. Please let us know if you do not need TTAS to pick up your child from school at least one hour prior to when school releases.

DISCIPLINE POLICY The purpose of discipline policy is to facilitate a positive afterschool climate where each student feels safe and secure; where parents and teachers agree on general principles of discipline using corrective response action; where parents are kept informed of their child's behavior and are encouraged to support the program's decisions.

I understand that Tap Tap Art School does not tolerate bullying of any kind and that the apprpriate measures will be taken to ensure that every child can enjoy and learn in a safe environment.

MEDICATION POLICY A parent or legal guardian will be called to pick up a child who is sick or injured. If the child is prescribed, we must have prescription at the studio. Medicine will not be administered without written permission, and in original container from the parent or legal guardian. All medication will be dispensed by a staff member. If any other emergency contact person cannot be reached, I give permission to Tap Tap Art Studios to arrange emergency care for my child. I authorize Tap Tap Art Studios to use the closest medical facility and grant permission for the medical facility to provide medical care. We require a doctor's note of health if a child has any spreadable virus if the child has not been able to attend school.

HOMEWORK/PERSONAL PROPERTY If your child comes prepared with homework, he or she must bring a paper/guideline indicating all homework instructions for assistance. TTAS is not responsible for student's work or belongings. TTAS has no liability on missing personnel or permanent loss of personal property.

By signing you are agreeing to the following: I have read and understood the Afterschool Program Rules and Regulations, I have also filled out the application information correctly and completely.

Parents sign below and make payment for the nonrefundable one time yearly supply fee of $100.00 and your first weekly payment.
By signing you are agreeing and complying with the following: I have read and understood the Afterschool Program Rules and Regulations, I have also filled out the application information correctly and completely.
Parent/Legal Guardian Signature *

Student Information

Authorized Child Release

Allergies, Medications, Accommodations

Authorization for Emergency Care:

In the event that I cannot be reached to make arrangements for emergency medical care at the time of illness or injury, I hereby authorize Tap Tap Art School to take my child to  ________________________ (Name of Doctor or Hospital), and Tap Tap shall be permitted to seek medical services deemed necessary and appropriate through EMS/911.   I understand that I am responsible for payment of medical services received.

Authorization for Emergency Care *

Release and Hold Harmless Agreement:

Whenever possible, classes, scheduling, and instructors will be as represented.  However, any of these may be subject to change without notice.  In consideration of Tap Tap Art School’s acceptance of my child enrollment, I hereby waive and release all rights and claims to damages against Tap Tap Art School.  I accept all risk incidental to After-School, Care, Classes, Camps; and do hereby release Tap Tap Art School and its employees and representatives from all liability for injury during all program  activities.  It is further understood that Tap Tap Art School is not responsible for the loss of personal property.

Release and Hold Agreement *

Authorization for Transportation:

Tap Tap Art School has my permission to transport my child (ren) on Tap Tap field trips away from the site.  I understand that all precautions will be taken to ensure the safety and health of my child.

Authorization for Transportation: *
Authorization of Video, Photographs, and Social Media: *
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