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Thank you for your interest in this year's JJI Fundraiser! Please make sure that you have also completed the separate applcation, and complete the payment form below. More information can be found at TNK / JJI Fundraiser

IMPORTANT - Please choose only ONE course per Adult. If you have multiple Adults that wish to attend separate courses, please specify in comments section. The classes are held at the same time, therefore each adult must choose only one class.


Adult Classes

Note - Only one class per adult. If you have multiple adults that wish to attend separate classes, please make a note in the comments section. Please indicate how many total adults to attend class in the drowpdown menu below.

Children's Class

Tomo no kai is a non-profit 501(c)(3) and supports Japanese Immersion from Kindergarten through High School.  EIN 92-0162774.

In order to FINISH your order you must enter your credit card information on the PayPal page after the order summary page (the next page).  If you do not enter your credit card information and click submit on the PayPal page your order will NOT be processed.

Tomo No Kai

c/o Sand Lake Elementary

7500 Jewel Lake Road

Anchorage, Alaska 99502


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