Transmittal Form to Submit a 
to the Thurston County Board of Equalization
Use this transmittal form to electronically upload your COMPLETED, SIGNED Petition
(hand-written signatures only) with a copy of your Official Property Value Change Notice (separate or attached).
Your uploaded documents, including any other supporting evidence, must be in PDF read-only format.
  Required document(s) uploaded below:  
- Complete ALL required sections, include a hand-written signature, and save in PDF read-only format. MUST have a separate petition form for each appealed parcel. (Form found at: *
- This Notice was sent from the Assessor's Office and has a deadline date printed in red. MUST have a Notice for each appealed parcel. Contact the Assessor's Office for a copy if needed, 360-867-2200. *
Parcel Number(s)
(11 digits, Look up at Thurston County Assessor Property Search)
If you are unable to upload your Petition in PDF format, please do not submit this form, and do not attempt to submit documents by any other electronic means.  Instead, please choose one of the alternate filing options provided at the bottom of this form
Upload your required Petition form and copy of the Official Property Value Change Notice here. Each appealed parcel must have a separate Petition. If submitting additional evidence, write titles or notes on the documents themselves as the Board members will not see the names of your electronic documents.

Attention! A valid appeal includes a properly completed/signed petition with ALL highlighted, required sections filled in, along with a copy of your value notice. Per RCW 84.40.038, the Board cannot consider your appeal if it is Incomplete.

NOTE: Merely submitting your value notice and/or a letter or statement that you wish to appeal does not constitute a valid appeal.

For more information call the BOE Clerk, Ruth Elder at (360) 786-5135, TTY/TDD call 711 or 1-800-833-6388.  


Mail the completed original hard copy via US Postal Service, send by Fed Ex or UPS, or deliver in person (placing in our drop box if the office is closed):
   Thurston County Board of Equalization
   3000 Pacific Avenue SE
   Olympia WA 98501