Odyssey Elementary
Sunday / Mishmar Dismissal Form 
Please Submit By August 23

Sunday / Mishmar Dismissal Information

This form is for 2nd - 5th grade students only. Carpools, and parents who pick up their own child, need a parking spot # / lane assignment specifically for Sunday and Mishmar dismisal. This parking spot # / lane assignment is completely separate from Monday-Friday assignments. Please note that each carpool receives the same carpool spot for both Sunday and Mishmar carpool, unless specifically selected otherwise.

Each carpool should designate one parent representative to complete the form. This parent representative will be responsible for relaying their carpool's information (i.e. parking spot # or lane assignment) to the other families in the group once this information is sent via email. 

Carpool Information

If your son has a separate carpool for Sunday and for Mishmar, please complete this form twice.
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