Odyssey Sunday / Mishmar Dismissal Carpool Form 
Please Submit This Form By July 13


This form is for 2nd - 5th grade students only. All 2nd-5th grade carpools need a unique parking spot assigned to them for dismissal on Sunday and Mishmar (whether your child goes home with a carpool or you pick him up yourself). This spot is separate from Monday-Friday spots. Please note that each carpool receives the same carpool spot for both Sunday and Mishmar carpool.

Each carpool should designate one driver per carpool as the primary contact to complete the form for the entire carpool.

This representative is responsible for relaying their carpool's information to the other families in their group.

Slot Assignment Email Notification

Please submit only one form for each carpool.  
Notification of the assigned carpool spot will be emailed to the primary contact who is responsible for notifying the other members of the carpool.
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