Lower School
Monday-Friday Dismissal Form
Please Submit By August 4

Monday - Friday Dismissal Information

This form is for Monday-Friday dismissal and must be filled out for every student in Lower School, nursery-5th grade (except for 4th-5th grade students who exclusively use the MTA bus). The form includes options for those who are part of a carpool, walk home from school, or are driven home by a parent or staff member. 

Each carpool should designate one parent representative to complete the form. Before the school year begins, each individual Elementary parent will receive an email with their dismissal parking spot# or lane assignment. Each individual Early Childhood parent will receive a hard copy dashboard sign that lists their carpool number.

Note about Early Childhood Dismissal: For your convenience, Early Childhood will continue to offer a 3:00 pm early dismissal option (1:05 pm on Fridays). This is for Early Childhood students only. If you are interested in this alternative please make sure to choose it on the carpool form. This option will offer you a quicker departure from TA by bypassing our regular dismissal line


Dismissal Schedule

Early Childhood ONLY: 3:00 & 3:20 pm (Fridays 1:05 & 1:30 pm)

Mixed Early Childhood/1st-3rd Grade: 3:25 pm (Fridays 1:35 pm)

1st-3rd Grade ONLY: 3:35 pm (Fridays 1:45 pm)

4th-5th Grade: 4:30 pm (Fridays 1:55 pm)

Select Your Dismissal Type

Please indicate how your child will get home: *

Please indicate how your child will get home: *
Please indicate how your child will get home: *
Please indicate how your child will get home: *

MTA Bus Information

You have indicated that your child will be taking the MTA bus home. Please click HERE to complete the MTA Bus Form in lieu of completing the above Monday-Friday Dismissal Form.
If your child is only using the MTA bus for arrival, please select the applicable dismissal option in the above Monday-Friday Dismissal Form and then click HERE to complete the TA & MTA Student Behavior Conduct and Policies for arrival.
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