Dear Middle School Parents,
We hope everyone is having an enjoyable summer.  At the Middle School, we are very busy preparing materials to ensure a productive school year.
We are always encouraging our three R’s – Respect, Responsibility, and Readiness. This will be our sixth year that we have created a personal TA Planner for General Studies and Limudei Kodesh.  Every student in 6th and 7th grade will be REQUIRED to use this planner to manage their assignments, tests, projects, and schedules.  Our teachers and Rebbeim will be focused on making the planner an integral part of the learning process.  Parental support will be vital to help our children acquire this much-needed skill/habit. We encourage our parents to check the planners daily.

In addition, Mrs. Strimber’s 8th-grade students will also need to purchase a planner.

The cost of the personal TA Planner is $12.50 per student.  In addition to fitting into a student’s binder, this planner has the appropriate-sized spaces for writing assignments.  It also features monthly and weekly calendars with the Yomin Tovim and vacations. 
We hope to distribute the planners on the first day of school.
Thank you!

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The cost of the planner will be $12.50 *
The cost of the planner will be $10.00 *
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