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For the month of September, Dr. Karen is Promoting a “Hormone Balance Marathon”.

We are rallying as many women as possible to take part in an amazing journey to do 1 simple thing! Test hormone levels and get a customized report that EASILY and SIMPLY tells you what you need RIGHT NOW to feel your best. This includes THE TEST, THE REPORT by Dr. KAREN, and any SUGGESTED SUPPLEMENTS that can help you with sleep, anxiety, joint pain, inflammation, and mood swings all from DFH – Professional Grade Supplements.

It's time you knew “WHAT is MAKING ME FEEL LIKE THIS”. If you are tired, gaining weight, losing hair, have a low sex drive, mood swings, anxiety, joint pain, fogging thinking, are unable to sleep and constantly craving carbs --- it’s your hormones. Find out where you are deficient so you can level up and make a significant change in how you feel. How you feel physically and mentally radiates in what you do and how you function every day.

PLUS a PERSONALIZED  Hormone Assessment by Dr. Karen

  1. ZRT Saliva Hormone PROFILE One Test (plus added on (E1) Estrone and (E3) Estriol). Retail VALUE: $280.00   
  2. A Personalized Assessment by Dr. Karen to help you understand your results to balance your hormones safely and effectively. Includes suggestions for Bioidentical Creams + Designs for Health Professional Grade Supplement suggestions based on Hormone Testing. 

$388 or 2 pay of $194

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