Strongman Corporation Sanctioned Event October 29, 2022

Annual Halloween Scary Strength Strongman Event at Dungeon Fitness.
2901 Perry Ave. Ste. 3 Bremerton, WA 98310.
Tire flip + sand bag load 50’ for time 2min cap Novice W 400/100 Novice men 600/200 Lww/Masters 400/100 MWW 400/150 HWW/SHW 600/150 LWM/Masters 600/200 MWM 600/250 HWM/SHW 800/300
Deadlift for 1 min Farmers deadlift Novice W 125 Novice m 225 LWW/masters 175 MWW 215 HWW/SHW 255
Axle deadlift Novice w 220 Novice m 320 LWW/masters 320 MWW 360 HWW/SHW 400 LWM 400 MWM 500 HWM/SHW 600
Deadlift on deadlift bar max reps remaining time Novice W 225 Novice M 345 LwW/masters 275 MWW 325 HWW/SHW 375 LWM/masters 455 MWM 545 HWM/SHW 635
Press medley - 1 rep on circus DB 1 rep log back and fourth 1 min max reps Novice W 80/100 Novice M 130/200 LWW/masters 90/120 MWW 100/150 HWW/SHW 110/180 LWM/Masters 130/220 MWM 160/260 HWM/SHW 190/300
Tire squat max reps in 60 sec Novice w 185 Novice m 315 LWW/Masters 225 MWW 300 HWW/SHW 375 LWM/masters 400 MWM 500 HWM/SHW 600
Truck pull with harness 50’/ sled drag with handle 50’ Womens division f150 size truck Mens Division super duty size truck Sled weights TBD

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“In consideration of my participation in this program, I herby release Dungeon Fitness LLC, Its Coaches and ALL other participants from any claims, damages and causes of action as a result of my voluntary participation and enrollment.”
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“I fully understand that all registration fee is non-refundable regardless of the situation. In the event the competition is canceled, I will receive the amount as credit towards another Dungeon Fitness hosted event.”
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