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Use this form to change or correct any items in the listing of an existing article on without affecting the PDF.
You only need to fill in the fields you want to change and those marked with a *. Leave the rest blank.
There are separate forms for submission, replacement or withdrawal.
You should have read the submission notes and our good practices guide first. 
When your paper is published please use this form to add the journal reference to the comment field..

Your e-mail address will not be published unless you include it yourself in the PdF file, abstract or comment.
Provide the reference on for the submission you are changing. E.g. 0907.0001 
Pick the science category that best suits your change if different from existing version. It is not possible to cross-link.
Title, authors and abstract should also be included in the PdF file. These should be in English. If the submission is not in English please translate the title and abstract here. If any of these items are left blank it will be assumed that they have not changed.
Authors should be listed with separating commas if there is more than one. For each put first name(s) or initials first followed by the family name. Do not use all capitals and do not include titles or letters such as Dr. or PhD.
You can include basic HTML is the abstract for formatting if necessary. (e.g. subscripts, italics, line breaks and special characters) Please do not use links, images, bold, font changes or character sizes or colours.
The comment should be limited to short technical details about the submission such as the number of pages, language if not English, any journal or conference reference and a specific copyright license if desired. Do not add a description of the work that is more suitable for the abstract. If the comment is left blank the number of pages will be used. The comment will appear on the abstract page and listings.
Other instructions or comments for the administrator can be added below. These will not be published.