viXra - withdrawal

Use this form to withdraw an existing article on
There are separate forms for submission, replacement or change requests.
You should have read the submission notes and our good practices guide first. 
This form should be used only where it is necessary to withdraw all versions of a submission. If you wish to remove old versions please request using the removal form.

If you are withdrawing because a journal will not allow free online versions as a condition of publication, then we urge you to reject the condition as it will severely limit your readership and the preservation of your work. Respectable journals do not require this. If you are withdrawing because your department head says you cannot publish here please inform them that they are being unreasonable and unethical by not allowing people to disseminate their work freely as they choose. if you are withdrawing because your paper has errors please consider submitting a new version as an errata instead so that other people can avoid the same mistakes. If you intend to submit a new corrected version, do not withdraw. Instead you should submit a replacement and you can ask for the earlier versions to be removed if you wish.

Your e-mail address will not be published unless you include it yourself in the PdF file, abstract or comment.
Provide the number on for the submission you are withdrawing. E.g. 0907.0001 
Authors should be listed with separating commas if there is more than one. For each put first name(s) or initials first followed by the family name. Do not use all capitals and do not include titles or letters such as Dr. or PhD.
Please provide a reason for withdrawal. If you are withdrawing because a journal has aksed you to remove any freely available copies as a condition of publication we strongly advise you not to accept such terms. Respectable journals with wide circulation do not make this requirement and it is likely that it will severely limit the number of people who read it. It's your paper, your choice but if you do withdraw on the demand of the journal please include the name of the journal and publisher with your reason. 
Other instructions or comments for the administrator can be added below. These will not be published.