viXra - removal

Use this form to remove one version of an article on
If you wish to remove all versions of an article use the withdrawal form instead.
There are separate forms for submission, replacement or change requests.
You should have read the submission notes and our good practices guide first. 
Your e-mail address will not be published unless you include it yourself in the PdF file, abstract or comment.
Provide the number on for the submission you are removing. E.g. 0907.0001 and its version number e.g. v3. Warning: Removing v1 can have undesirable consequences including loss of priority and less prominence in listings.
Authors should be listed with separating commas if there is more than one. For each put first name(s) or initials first followed by the family name. Do not use all capitals and do not include titles or letters such as Dr. or PhD.
Other instructions or comments for the administrator can be added below. These will not be published.